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Save some coin for your overseas adventure

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Itching to head overseas, but struggling to figure out how you’re going to pay for it? We’re here to help you maximise your savings and make paying for your Schoolies Unearthed trip a much less daunting experience. Hot tip, give yourself tonnes of time to get sorted!

What's included in the price?

They say you can’t put a price tag on travel, and while we agree 100% - it’s always good to know if you’re getting bang for your buck. We’ve worked hard to keep the cost of Schoolies Unearthed trips as achievable as possible for all travellers, while still providing a top-notch, safe experience overseas.


Here’s a breakdown of what’s included in the cost of your trip:


  • Return international airfares from Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth or Auckland.

  • Comprehensive travel insurance.

  • An experienced Schoolies Unearthed Leader and an assistant leader, to travel with each team. The Leader will meet the team and the airport and travel with the team for the entire trip

  • All food for the duration of the trip.

  • All accommodation and transport for the duration of the trip.

  • A sustainable community project that’s thoroughly researched.

  • Adventure activities unique to each destination. These may include kayaking, snorkelling, trekking etc.

  • 24-hour emergency backup and support from our Australian-based Operations Team and from local staff overseas, for the duration of the trip.

  • Support and guidance in the lead up to departure from your own dedicated trip manager, including a dedicated Parent Information Evening before departure.

  • Schoolies Unearthed t-shirt and cap.

Easy payment plans designed for you.

Pay off your trip slowly over time

Don't have the money up-front? No stress! Most of our travellers pay off their trip in smaller chunks depending on what best suits them. Once you're signed up, we'll talk you through your different payment options. We're here to help you the entire way.

Quarterly Plans
Pay your trip off in 3-4 bigger payments every couple of months.



Example payment plan:

3 x payments of $1234

Monthly Plans
Like your phone bill, pay off your schoolies trip once a month!



Example payment plan:

8 x payments of $410

Fortnightly Plans
Break it down even further with payments every two weeks!



Example payment plan:

18 x payments of $205

Fundraising for your trip.

Need a little support to get you on that plane? That’s where fundraising comes in. Let your family and friends know that you’ve decided to volunteer OS, and ask for a little help to get you there. We’ve teamed up with the legends over at FundMyTravel to set you up with a super-simple fundraising platform for you to create a campaign, share it around with your friends and family and start accepting donations from far and wide. You can also run in-person events such as fun-runs, fitness challenges or movie/quiz nights.


The main thing we want you guys to know is that once you’ve got your plan and goal in mind, the hardest part is over. With a little creativity the only thing you’ll be thinking about is treating yourself with that extra spending money!

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Part-time jobs and other ideas.

While casual work can seem a little too hard basket while you’re at high school, a part-time job can actually teach you some pretty important stuff you can’t pick up from a book – things like how to deal with people, solve problems on the go and work in a team – all things you'll need regardless of what your next step is. Plus having a little extra coin lining your pockets every fortnight is pretty awesome too.

If you’ve got a gig already, that’s great! Many a Schoolies Unearthed adventure has been built on the back of scrubbing dishes and picking up glasses. If you’re keen to get stuck in but haven’t had much luck on the job front yet, slinging a few resumes around town or getting a mate to put a good word in for you is worth the effort – the more cash you pull together early, the less stressed you’ll feel around crunch-time.

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Smashing savings goals with scrunchies

Talk about getting your creativity to work for you! Combining a DIY attitude with her online fashion business, all Clodagh McMahon needed to do was sit back and rake in that scrunchie money.

Hand-making accessories and selling them to her friends, not only did she up the fashion stakes but she raised nearly the entire cost of her trip to Nepal!
Proof there are tonnes of unique ideas out there to fund your schoolies adventure.



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