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2-mins with Connor - 2018 grad

Hey Connor! Thanks for chatting with us about all things schoolies. We already know you pretty well, you make a cameo in our promo video right? Stoked!? Haha, okay let's do this. Question time.

Where did you go?


Most amazing moment of your schoolies trip?

There were so amazing moments, it’s almost impossible to pick a favourite! Each part of the trip had it’s highlights, from spending secluded nights in the jungle near pristine waterfalls, to meeting so many amazing people at the community project, and just generally exploring Borneo and all it has to offer! One of the most amazing nights however had to be at the community project, where the local community put on a show and taught us about their community and way of life (which included a lot of dancing and music which was definitely a highlight for me). 

Did you know anyone in your group before you signed up?

Our group was a combination of people from Brisbane and Sydney, and before the trip started I maybe knew maybe 3 or 4 people already? But I think that was the best part, meeting new people and getting to know them through this amazing experience!

Your leaders - legends?

By legends if you mean the best and coolest people I’ve ever met in my life then YES. They always had such amazing stories to tell and had the best banter ever, and above all you could tell that they really cared about everyone and making the trip the absolute best it could be!

What would you tell someone in Year 11 or 12 who's unsure about signing up?

My friends are probably over hearing me talk about my trip because I just loved it so much! Every time a friend of asks me about this trip and what makes it different, I say one thing; it’s basically a crash course for how amazing life can be! A chance to meet amazing people, help communities and learn about different cultures and ways of life, all before you turn 18! If it weren’t for this trip, I honestly don’t believe I would be where I am today in terms of my maturity, passion and love of life.

Do it again?

In a heartbeat, I would drop everything right now to come on one of these trips again! Every single one of these journeys are once in a lifetime experiences, and being part of them is truly something special.

Thanks Connor you massive legend!

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