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2-mins with Elise - 2018 grad

Hey Elise! Thanks for chatting with us all the way from sunny Brissy. Let's do this shall we?

Where did you go?


Most amazing moment of your schoolies trip?

There are way too many amazing moments, it’s actually really hard to choose one in particular. The trip was kind of split into three sections; the community project, the city and then, the cruise on Ha Long Bay. All three were incredible, each with their own memorable moments. It was so much fun making bonds with such amazing people and sharing crazy dancing and singing moments in all kinds of places! 

Did you know anyone in your group before you signed up?

My best friend was the person that introduced me to the idea of the Schoolies Unearthed experience, which I will forever be grateful for as I did not have a single idea of what I wanted to do for schoolies. She was the only person I knew before the trip, the other 16 school leavers who travelled with us were people we both met for the first time at the airport in Brisbane. Such a nerve racking experience, but oh my, was it worth it. 

Your leaders - legends?

Both of our leaders, Marina and Emile, were absolutely amazing. They felt as much like friends to us as every other person on the trip. Their support was immensely appreciated, especially when a few challenging experiences arose. We could not be more thankful for their extreme care and compassion. Just brilliant! 

What would you tell someone in Year 11 or 12 who's unsure about signing up?

Do it! If you’re sceptical on the whole Gold Coast or Bali schoolies, don’t even think twice about heading over seas with Schoolies Unearthed. Was such an incredible experience and has lead all of us into new relationships ready to start new chapters of our lives. 

Do it again?

Would 100% do it all over again! I cannot wait to meet up with all of the people we travelled with. We were already planning our reunion whilst still on the trip. Although a holiday with the same group would be nothing like the trip we had, it would be crazy to be able to do it just the way it was.

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