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Chats with our mate Isabella - 2018 grad who travelled to Borneo

Where did you go?


Most amazing moment of your schoolies trip?

Easily the community project, not only was the entire experience rewarding but we were in the middle of a beautiful rural community in Borneo, surrounded by some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met. As a team we laughed and bonded as together we built a school canteen from scratch, we learnt so many new skills to such as brick laying and concrete mixing. After a long day building, we go home to our home stay families and their amazing food or head out to the oval and play soccer with the locals; an experience that we shared with all of the community. 

Did you know anyone in your group before you signed up?

I did, two of my friends and I stumbled into this incredible opportunity and decided to embark on this journey together for our schoolies trip. If you’re unsure about not knowing anyone before you go - know I was too, but by the end of the flight we were all playing uno and the best of friends. 

Your leaders - legends?

My leader was Carina, and she was absolutely incredible. Not only was she experienced and a fantastic leader - but so much fun! 

What would you tell someone in Year 11 or 12 who's unsure about signing up?

As cliche as it sounds it’s true when they say it’s a once in a lifetime experience. If it’s the destination you’re unsure about, know you are going to see someone incredible sites and do some truely life changing things!

Do it again?

In a heartbeat, I would do it all again.

Thanks Isabella!

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