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First 2020 blog! Chats with legendary Maiah who went to Borneo

Updated: Mar 2

The destination you chose and why?

The destination I chose was Borneo, and as cliche as it sounds, I saw it from a movie and thought wow what a place to go... and Schoolies Unearthed just so happened to have that destination!

Most memorable part of the trip?

Wow, Borneo had so many amazing moments, but there are two that stand out. The first one was the boat trip on the way to the community. It was amazing and I felt at one with nature. It also didn’t help that our tour guide forgot to mention about there being crocodiles in the water! (Thanks Duke!)

The second memory would have to be during the homestay. We all would have a swim in the river and on this particular night only a few of us came in as it was just before dinner. All the kids came and we all had a mud fight. It was great because I had felt as if I really bonded with some of the children and I realised that little moments can bring a world of happiness.

Did you know anyone in your group before you signed up? Did you make mates quickly?

I had actually signed up with a friend and then another friend joined about 2 months before the trip, but this didn’t change how fast I made friends. I became friends with my now new mates on the plane ride there, and by the time we got to Borneo I felt like I had known them my whole life! I still talk to all of them and I know we’ll all be life-long friends.

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Your leader - legends?

Our leaders' name was Steve and I must say he is an absolute legend. Steve bonded with everyone and it honestly didn’t feel as if he was a leader at all, it felt as if we had another kid with us enjoying the experience. During our travels we had another leader leave the end of her trip and become our assistant leader, Larry. Larry is such a kind and outgoing person and loved to laugh and tell riddles. Together Steve and Larry made an awesome team. (Also helped that my group was amazing!)

What would you tell a Year 11 or 12 who's thinking about signing up?

I would tell whoever is thinking of signing up to just do it. It was the most amazing experience of my life and I’m so glad I chose Schoolies Unearthed. You really come back with such a new mind and I’ve made life long friends along the way. Don’t overthink anything and also remember that you have an amazing team to help you along the way even before you travel.

Would you do it again?

Is that even a question! I would do this all again in a heartbeat and I hope that someday I can become a team leader myself!

Thanks Maiah! 💛



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