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How to save cold hard cash for your overseas schoolies trip.

Updated: Sep 4, 2019

Itching to head overseas, but struggling to figure out how you’re going to pay for it? Saving cash for an international jaunt is something you're probs going to be doing a bunch of times over the next few years, so funding your own schoolies trip OS is a pretty boss idea (and good practise).

Saving money as a student is hard enough, but at the business end in Year 11 and 12 it can seem pretty impossible. Getting organised early, setting goals and visualising the end result (whack a big photo of a tropical beach on your bedroom wall as inspo) will all help you get there.

Grab a piece of paper and write down a (simple as) budget

Sit down and figure out; how much have you got, how much do you need, and how much do you have coming in? Then, work backwards. Do you need a couple extra hours at work? Are Mum and Dad gonna pitch in? How much do you need to save per week? Having a clear goal will make everything a bunch easier in the long run.

Looking for an all-inclusive overseas schoolies option that's heaps easy to save up for and pay off over time? Find out more right here >>

Fire up a fundraiser and share it on the 'gram

Put your social media A-grade skills to good use for once, and design your own FundMyTravel page. Tell people what you're doing, where you've going and who you're going to help - and ask for a little support (from your 1000 closest Facebook friends).

Or, get the creative juices flowing and start selling some stuff - be it hand-making scrunchies like this crafty traveller did or raffling off your brother’s stuff while he’s at Uni (we had one of these too). You can also check out heaps of ready-to-go offline fundraising ideas on Fundraising Directory.

Got an 18th coming up? Ask for cash for your trip (instead of gifts)

If you reckon you'd rather get a plane ticket OS than another Mimco voucher for your 18th - then you've made the right call. Ask your parents, your mates and any friendly Aunties and Uncles to donate cash to your trip instead of buying gifts (or thangs you might return anyway.) You can do this for Christmas presents too!

Work with us on a personalised payment plan

Keen on an SU trip but worried about paying it off? We'll help you set up a simple payment plan to make this super simple and easy. Pay fortnightly or monthly (kinda like Afterpay) and you'll get to your goal in no time.

Saving money doesn’t mean that you need to cancel everything, lock yourself in your room and say no to every catch up – chances are if you head down that road you’ll fall off the wagon pretty quickly and end up absolutely hating it. Stay motivated, get creative and plan early - we promise, it's totally worth it.

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