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How Your Schoolies Trip Could Help Your Future Career Prospects

Updated: Jul 17, 2018

It’s true - Schoolies can help you land a job after high school.

But we’re not talking about that party week in the Gold Coast. Yeah, nah. We’re talking about the new breed of schoolies trips that are emerging that will give you serious life experience in the real world, a sense of purpose, and a tonne of memories to take with you whatever you decide to do after school.

Here are just some of the ways having a more meaningful schoolies experience can help you land your dream job down the track.

Future employers love life experience

More and more, employers aren’t just looking at what marks a potential new hire got in school or uni, or even just at what degree they did. Life (and travel) experience seriously matters, and recent studies have found that over 82% of employers believe that travelling the world makes you more employable.

Travelling overseas shows employers that you’re curious, committed to learning more about the world around you, and that you’re most likely an open-minded, friendly and switched on kinda person. Not to mention the added benefit of clocking up some volunteer experience - If you take part in a Schoolies trip that also offers you a chance to contribute to a local community project or take part in environmental conservation efforts, that’s a serious bonus.

You never know who you’ll meet

It’s an old cliche (for good reason!) that sometimes when it comes to your career, it’s not always just what you know, but also who you know. Alternative Schoolies programs often involve you meeting and spending time with a wide range of people your age from different schools, backgrounds, and walks of life, and you never know when a new friend could also become a new potential employer, colleague, or collaborator.

Travelling for Schoolies can also open doors to your creative pursuits as well, and not just in terms of the inspiration overload you’ll be experiencing all around you. Love music and play an instrument? Your new bandmate could be sitting next to you on a bus through the countryside in Vietnam. Got an entrepreneurial spirit and heaps of ideas for creative startup? Your business partner could be sea kayaking with you in Borneo.

You’ll learn important life skills

Travelling overseas forces you to pick up skills that help you in everyday life. Whether it’s reading maps, forward planning, managing your time, staying organised, thinking on your feet when things don’t go according to plan, and of course, improving your people skills, these are traits that won’t just help you have a smoother and more enjoyable trip - they’ll help you be more successful in the workplace as well. Who thought that chatting to fellow travellers would be such great practice for that future job interview?

You’ll get better at managing your money

Another thing overseas travel forces you to do is keep a close eye on your money and budget to make sure your cash lasts the distance. Money management is an important skill that even a lot of adults could do with learning how to do better, so learning it now while you’re younger will set you up perfectly for a more solid financial future - perfect for when the pay-checks of your dream job start rolling in!

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