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Photographer, adventurer & SU grad Harrison chats all things Nepal!

Updated: Mar 3

Thanks for catching up with us Haz! First off, where did you go?

On the 2nd of December 2019, I was able to embark on an epic journey from Perth to Nepal. More specifically, we travelled to Kathmandu and visited its surrounding mountains and local communities.

Most amazing moment of your schoolies trip?

As clichéd as it sounds, every second of the trip in Nepal could be known as the ‘most amazing moment of my schoolies trip’. However, to avoid a bland response, I do remember a pretty amazing moment being the hike in the Himalayas. On the second last day when the team made it to camp, we noticed a log and a reasonably flat section of land. We also found a piece of plywood which was conveniently shaped like a cricket bat. This started off an epic game of cricket in a local village way up in the mountains. The best part too was that the locals and porters travelling with our group also joined in, which created an amazing environment and some pretty tense cricket action! 🏏

Did you know anyone in your group before you signed up?

I only knew one person before I signed up, which was my mate James from the same school. We both decided Schoolies Unearthed would be a way better alternative compared to the traditional “schoolies” experience. When we embarked on our first flight to Nepal there were a total of 5 other people from Perth leaving with us who James and I didn’t know previously. However, that didn’t stop us from making lifelong mates with them pretty quickly!

Your leaders - legends?

Our leader's name was Liz and she was an absolute legend through thick and thin. She created tight friendships with all of us on the trip and felt less like a leader and more like an educated friend helping us with our trip through Nepal. Our group also had a supporting leader named Nick who the Perth gang got to fly with from the start, and he would also carry the same title of legend. An interesting fact about Nick is that he is secretly a superhuman capable of scaling any hike in a time unfathomable to our minds, due to his ironman running background. Lastly, our group was also joined by a third leader called Sam who I personally was able to look up to and have a lot of banter with, as we both enjoyed photography and making new mates in an amazing country.

What would you tell someone in Year 11 or 12 who's unsure about signing up?

Just do it. Take the leap of faith. You won’t regret it.

Do it again?

Absolutely I’d do this again in a heartbeat and would love to join the Schoolies Unearthed team as a potential leader in the future.

Thanks Harrison! 🙌

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