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Great, you know you want to go on a Schoolies Unearthed trip! But where?

Updated: Oct 18, 2019

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me “all the trips look amazing, which one should I choose?!” I would be a millionaire, and in that case, probably be swinging in a hammock sipping coconuts by now. But alas, here we are! Answering the age-old question: “which wicked Schoolies Unearthed destination should YOU jet off to?”

Though we think every destination is equally epic, hopefully breaking it down for you can help make your decision a little easier.

If you don’t like ridiculously cute baby orangutans, lush green jungles and never-ending waterfalls, I beg of you, don’t go to Borneo.

Borneo is your one stop wildlife shop. No need to find a playlist of rainforest sounds on Spotify to help you fall asleep, since Borneo’s got exotic bird sounds, trickling waterfalls and monkey calls on tap. That, plus magical national parks, walks in tropical jungles, and some of the most vibrant karaoke spots in the world in buzzing Kuching. With some of the oldest rainforests in the world choosing to set up camp in Borneo, maybe you should too?

Want to have the whole world at your feet? Head to the Himalayas, Nepal.

Looking for a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip that you’ll one day tell your kids (and your grandkids, and all your grandkids’ friends, and pretty much anyone you can convince to listen to you) all about? Look no further than our epic 12-day adventure trekking into the Himalayas. Sipping a warm chai tea in local homestays, surrounded as far as the eye can see by snow-capped mountains? Yes, please. You’ll trek, you’ll volunteer in a community, and still have enough downtime to soak up the energetic city of Kathmandu. You’ll be sure to return home with a newfound sense of accomplishment and inner peace, ready to take on the world.

Feeling the island-life? Vanuatu is waiting…

If you love being in the water, with sand between your toes, picture perfect Vanuatu is for you. It’s definitely the most chilled out of all our destinations, plus you’ll spend less time moving around from place to place, and more time just soaking up the sheer beauty of your surrounds. That being said, you’ll still have a chance to hit the markets of Port Vila, visit the UNESCO World Heritage listed Eretoka Island (also known by the locals as Hat Island) and get to know stunning Lelepa Island by snorkelling and swimming your way around the aqua shores. Fall asleep to the sound of waves in your home away from home, island style. Google “Blue Lagoon Vanuatu”… speaks for itself!

White sand beaches meet bustling cities in Vietnam

Whether it’s slurping up hot pho or sweet Vietnamese coffee while watching the crazy street life go by in Hanoi, taking in the ridiculous views of Ha Long Bay or rising early for sunrise and a spot of yoga on the top deck. White sand beaches to bustling cities, Vietnam has it all covered. If you want to fulfil that sense of adventure whilst still having some all-important nature time, Vietnam is the Schoolies unearthed destination for you.

This could be you snorkeling with your mates!

So here's our two cents…

If you’re after a chill out on island time, head to Vanuatu. Seeking adventure, a challenge and views for days? Well, why haven’t you booked Nepal already? Ready for an overload of culture, bustling markets and kayaking? Vietnam is calling your name! Keen on getting in touch with your wild side? A jungle adventure awaits in Borneo!

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