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We could go on all day about the benefits of packing your bag, snapping that prime pic at the departure gate and heading out on a life-changing adventure. But don't just take it from us!

In between breathtaking treks through the Himalayas and snorkelling through the tropical reefs of Vanuatu, we caught up with some of our Schoolies Unearthed travellers
 and asked them why they chose to travel with us. Here's what they said. You can also read tonnes of reviews on our blog

"It’s an amazing way to celebrate completing a huge part of your life, and a great way to reward yourself for all your hard work. It also teaches you things you can never learn at school - to be more grateful and appreciative of your life and those in it."

Emma, Schoolies Unearthed Vietnam.

"It’s a great way to expand your horizons, make friends and enjoy a more fulfilling way to celebrate finishing a long 13 years of school."

Brooke, Schoolies Unearthed Borneo.

"By far the most amazing experience in my life!! Almost as amazing as the awesome people I got to share it with."

Matthew, Schoolies Unearthed Vietnam.

"I got to experience and do things that I never would have been able to any other way - it’s an experience that you can’t have when you’re travelling by yourself."

Zoe, Schoolies Unearthed Borneo.

2-mins with Katrina in Vietnam!

A quick-fire 2 minutes with Katrina, one of our recent grads and Schoolies Unearthed travellers. See what she had to say about her trip with us. (Spoiler: the phrase "life-changing" may have been used more than a few times)



"Over the 10 days I had the amazing experience of travelling to Vanuatu with a bunch of great people. As a team we helped out on a community project and explored the island of Lelepa. I am so grateful that I have made so many new friends on this once in a lifetime trip and will treasure the memories forever 🇻🇺🤙🏼💕"

Georgia, Schoolies Unearthed, Vanuatu 2018


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